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Booklet Label Overprinting

Booklet Label Overprinting

Booklet labels, also known as peel and reveal labels, whilst used on many types of products are particularly significant in the pharmaceutical industry and for clinical trials due to their unique design and functionality.

Peel and Reveal booklet label overprinting


These labels are multi-layered, allowing them to contain a wealth of information in a compact format, which is crucial in contexts where detailed product information, instructions, legal text, multi-language, or patient information must be included with limited available space.


BH Technical Services have developed a unique system to overprint pre-printed booklet labels via a thermal transfer printer, offering the necessary print quality, clarity, durability and compliance not available by other printing methods such as inkjet.

Pre Printed Booklet Label Overprinting

The varying thickness of booklet label media with multiple pages cannot be handled by standard thermal label printers.
Our system is capable of auto calibrating by detecting the thickness of the label media enabling a successful printing each time.

Custom Booklet Label Printer

The label printing process can also be combined with our label inspection and verification system, providing real-time detection of non-compliant labels, print blemishes and duplicates. Read more about our label inspection and verification process here.


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