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Barcode Verifiers

LVS9510 Bar Code Verifier

Role of Verification

Verification is the measuring and grading of the quality of a printed bar code in its final configuration. This is carried out to international standards and is particularly useful for quality control purposes. Verification can also be used to check how symbol quality is affected by any subsequent wrapping or labelling.

The difference between symbol verification and symbol scanning is that verification measures and grades the quality of a bar code, and can provide information to help diagnose the cause of any problems. Scanning is the process of reading the data from the symbol and it provides no indication of a bar code’s quality. Any verifier used to check the quality of GS1 bar codes should conform to the international standard ISO/IEC 15426-1, which will ensure that the codes are graded according to the standard ISO/IEC 15416. View details on the Integra LVS 9510 2D Barcode Verifier which inspects all nine of the ISO (ANSI) parameters PLUS added features of determining Blemishes, Opacity, and Human Readable Validation.

As a supplier to any of the major retailers you would have signed up to their code of conduct, this WILL mention the verification of barcodes generated at your production site. Most customers think you can tell if a barcode will scan just by looking at it- this is not always the case.


This is true if you use a Barcode Verifier as part of your quality control then problems can be identified straight away and dealt with to ensure ALL barcodes will scan.
You will get fined for barcodes that fail to scan and in some cases you might have the added cost of re-working the products so the barcode on every product will scan. WHY TAKE THE RISK!


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