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Zebra GK420D Parts & Spares

Below is an exploded view parts diagram of the Zebra GK420D. The table below shows descriptions of the relevant components and corresponding Zebra part number.
Please contact us if you require assistance with identifying any components. Zebra GK420D Parts Diagram

1 Cover Assy (Direct Thermal) (includes Media Window) 105934-005
  Cover Assy w/cutter (Direct Thermal) 105934-108
  Cover Assy w/cutter, wireless (Direct Thermal) 105934-109
  LCD Cover Assy (Direct Thermal) (includes Media Window) 105934-049
1a Media Window (Direct Thermal) 105934-001
1b Feed Switch (Direct Thermal) 105934-003
  LCD Display/Feed Switch (with Bluetooth Wireless) 105934-056
  LCD Display/Feed Switch (with 802.11g Wireless) 105934-057
2 Upper Gap Sensor, Fixed (Direct Thermal) P1027135-001
2 Upper Gap Sensor, Movable (Direct Thermal) P1027135-002
3 Print Mech. Fxd Sensor (DT) (inc Hinge, PH Cables, Feed Switch Cable) P1027135-005
3 Print Mech. Mvbl Snsr (DT) (inc Hinge, Prnt Head Cbls, Feed Swtch Cable) P1027135-006
3a Cover Hinge (Direct Thermal) 105934-047
4 GX Main Logic Board, USB/Serial/Parallel, ZBI P1027135-017
4 GX Main Logic Board, USB/Serial/Parallel, 64MB, XMEM, RTC, ZBI P1027135-018
4 GX MLB, USB/Serial/Parallel, 64MB, RTC, 203DPI,Liner Tag Cutter, ZBI P1027135-035
4a Back Panel, USB/Serial/Parallel (Direct Thermal) P1027135-019
4 GX Main Logic Board, USB/Serial/Ethernet, ZBI P1027135-021
4 GX Main Logic Board, USB/Serial/Ethernet, 64MB, RTC, 203DPI, ZBI P1027135-036
4 GX MLB, USB/Serial/Ethernet, 64MB, RTC,203DPI, Liner Tag Cutter, ZBI P1027135-033
4a Back Panel, USB/Serial/Ethernet (Direct Thermal) 105934-086
4 GX Main Logic Board, USB/Serial/Bluetooth 64MB, 203 dpi, ZBI P1027135-038
4 GX MLB, USB/Serial/Bluetooth,64MB, 203DPI,Liner Tag Cutter,ZBI P1027135-031
4a Back Panel, USB/Serial/Wireless (Direct Thermal) 105934-089
4 GX MLB USB, Serial, 802.11b/g Wireless, 64MB,203DPI,RTC,CTR,ZBI,ZComax P1040103-003
4 GX MLB USB, Serial, 802.11b/g Wireless, 64MB,203DPI,RTC,ZBI,ZComax P1040103-004
  Interface Fuse, 1A 105934-076
  Battery, 3V Lithium (set of 10) G105950-003
5 Rubber Foot (set of 5) 105934-024
6a Front Bezel, Std (Direct Thermal) 105934-025
6b Front Bezel, Dispenser (Direct Thermal) P1027135-044
6c Light Duty Cutter (Direct Thermal) 105934-027
6c Medium Duty Liner Free Cutter (Direct Thermal) 105934-055
6c Medium Duty Full Cut Cutter (Direct Thermal) 105934-029
7 7 Head Up Sensor (Direct Thermal) 105934-041 105934-041
8 Gap/Blackline Sensor, Fixed (Direct Thermal) P1027135-011
8 Gap/Blackline Sensor, Moveable P1027135-012
9 Motor Assy., 203dpi (Direct Thermal) P1027135-041
10 Platen, Std (Direct Thermal) P1027135-039
  Platen Bearings (Direct Thermal) 105934-059
11 Printhead, 203dpi (Direct Thermal) 105934-037
12 Printhead Spring/Clip (Direct Thermal) 105934-040
13 Nameplate, GX420d (Direct Thermal) 105934-062
  Nameplate, GX420d with LCD (Direct Thermal) 105934-067
Not Shown Users CD-ROM P1027135-049
  Power Supply, 75W, C13, with US & Euro Cords P1079903-026

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