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Zebra Label Printers

Zebra label Printers are known the world over as a real workhorse of a printer, easy to use yet very realiable, from the entry level model like Zebra GK420, Zebra GX420, middle class model like Zebra ZT230, ZT410, ZT420 right up the the latest Industrial range Zebra ZT610 and Zebra ZT620 models, based on the old workhorse of the Zebra Xi4 range this is the latest in 24/7 printing conbined with more technology enhancements you can depend on Zebra when you need a printer for any environment and for printing precise high quality print every time. BH Technical Services Group are an approved Zebra Premier partner for Zebra label printers UK, Ireland & Europe, Zebra supplies specialist and experts in Zebra Label printers and Zebra Print & Apply systems